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PWBC is dedicated to train men and women who desired to serve the Lord whether it be fulltime or ministry that God has entrusted them to do.

Dr. Steven White — PWBC President

Thank you for considering Pacific West Baptist College!

We are honoured that you are visiting our college website.

PWBC is a smaller Bible College built that way on purpose!  Large Bible Colleges have many avenues to offer, but sometimes the individual student can feel ‘lost’ in the crowd.
Now in our tenth year, God has given us all the intellectual resources and experience necessary to train and prepare the lives of serious Christian students for serious, successful Christian service! Our program includes a unique balance of academic learning and ministry involvement, coupled with a healthy Christian environment that produces maturity and also provides a platform for students to create much fun, happy memories. The breathtaking beauty of the Province of British Columbia, and its mild weather, only adds to the overall Bible College experience here at PWBC.

Again, thank you for visiting us. My prayer for you is found in Psalm 92:12“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon.”

What Our Students Have to Say about the PWBC

Coming into PWBC, I did not have a life verse but through the years it has become Romans 8:28. It has been a verse that God has allowed me to experience for myself firsthand.
Ivan Pagalunan
Grace Baptist Church, Surrey
From providing financially, to sending people who invested and loved on me, to opening doors for me to share the Gospel, and even all through the disappointments, heartaches, and personal failures— yes, God was there all along.
Joanna Alipalo
Greater Vancouver Baptist Church, Vancouver
Pacific West Baptist College has been a blessing for me over the years. It has been a place for me to grow in my walk with God. A place for me to learn about the ministry and serving at the church.
David Sadeghizadeh
Anchor Baptist Church, Burnaby
I enjoyed my time in class and chapel. Tuition is also at a low price and never had to worry about the finances. Because we are a small college, all students have lots of help from the teachers.
Thushan Sundararaja
Grace Baptist Church
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