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Instructor: Pastor Sylvester Estrao – B.R.E., B.Th., MA in Religion/Ph.D. in Religion (degree in progress)

Email: pastorsylver@pacificwestbc.org

Pastor Sylvester Estrao earned his Bachelor of Religious Education and Bachelor of Theology at Doane Baptist Seminary, Philippines. Currently, he’s continuing his post-graduate studies at Bethany Divinity College and Seminary taking Master of Arts in Religion and Doctor of Philosophy in Religion.

Furthermore, he is our vice president of PWBC and one of the teachers in Bible and Christian Education classes.

Course Description

A general overview of the message of each Old Testament book, including how they relate to one other to form the whole, pertinent introductory issues (author, date, occasion, uniqueness, etc.), biblical theology of the Old Testament, and the chronological developments in the history of Israel.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, students will be familiar with the…

A.  The backgrounds (author, date, origin, recipients, occasion, and characteristics) of each of the seventeen OT historical books, five OT poetic books, and seventeen OT prophetical books.

B.   The different themes of the Old Testament.

C.   The OT books’ introductory content includes a keyword for each book.

D.  The relevance of each OT book to world missions.

E.   A general biblical theology of the Old Testament.

In addition to the statements above, the students should…

F.   Make attitudinal and behavioural changes in his/her life due to the increased understanding of the message of the Old Testament.

This is bonus material for taking this course. The charts will guide you when studying the books of the Old Testament.

Old Testament Survey Book Charts

Old Testament Syllabus

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