New Testament Survey

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Instructor: Pastor Sylver Estrao



A survey of the message of each of the 27 New Testament books, their relationships to each other, introductory issues (author, date, occasion, uniqueness, etc.), and factors in the first century (e.g., chronology and history) that influenced the life and ministry of the early church as well as affect the mission of the church today.


By the end of this part of the course, the student will be able to…

A. State the author, date, origin, recipients, occasion, characteristics, and argument of each NT book.

B. Place each of the NT books in chronological order in conjunction with the Book of Acts, Roman history, and Jewish history.

C. Show the relevance of each NT book to the world mission.

In addition to the statements above, the students should…

 D. Make attitudinal and behavioural changes in their life due to the increased understanding of the message of the NT Testament.

Note: All the contents used in this course are compilations of materials from several sources from different authors of books and bible colleges.