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Instructor: Pastor Randy Hoxie – G.Th., B.Th.

Pastor Randy Hoxie is one of our adjunct faculty here at Pacific West Baptist College. Pastor Hoxie earned his Graduate of Theology at Parkland Bible Schools in 1975. Then, he went to Central Baptist Theological Seminary and earned his Bachelor of Theology in 1980.

Currently, Pastor Hoxie is pastoring Faith Baptist Church in Chilliwack, B.C. He is a great teacher and a faithful servant of God.


Course Description

This is a theological study of Christ, His Person and work. It emphasizes both the deity and humanity of Christ which are necessary in the carrying out of God’s plan of redemption. It establishes His eternality and examines His incarnation and His work.

It is necessary to believe the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ. (II John 9; John 6:22-69)

Course Requirements

This syllabus has been written with careful consideration of the needed material to ground the student in the doctrine of Christ. There is much more material that should be investigated but for the time allotted, the material selected seems to best meet the objective at hand. The student will be responsible of the details in the syllabus as well as class discussions. Please take notes. If a class is missed, please catch up with the notes and keep your syllabus up to date.

Daily quizzes will be administered. Each quiz will cover the material dealt with in the previous class.

Two exams will be given, one at the midterm and the other at the end of the course.

A term paper is required which will be due by the final exam. Please contact the instructor if exceptions are required.

First Year Students – 1,000 words

Second and Third-Year Students – 1500 words

Fourth-Year Students – 2,000 words


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