Baptist History – Audit Class

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Instructor: Pastor Dievyan Sundararaja – B.B.S.

Pastor Dievyan earned his Bachelor of Biblical Studies at Pacific West Baptist College. He is one of our pioneer graduates here at PWBC. He and his wife are preparing to be missionaries to Sri Lanka.

At present, he is faithfully serving the Lord as one of the assistant pastors at Grace Baptist Church.

Course Description

This course is designed to survey the history of the people called Baptists and their churches throughout the past two millenniums. The emphasis is on the Baptist distinctives that one could see throughout the timeline of history and to help the student see the importance of landmarks laid down by those who’ve come before.

Course Objectives

The course will endeavour to:

1. give the student a clear understanding of our Baptist distinctives and the Scriptural reasons why we have historically adhered to those convictions and distinctives,

2. give the student an appreciation for the heritage and legacy left behind by our Baptist forefathers.

3. familiarize the men and women that were the heroes that kept the faith.

4. prove that Baptists are not a called-out assembly from the Catholic Church but are indeed a called-out assembly since the formation of the Church when Christ left Earth. To show how and why Baptists have bee

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